Precision Printing Partners With Custom Card Company

Precision Printing has announced that it will be partnering with Papier, the greetings card and invitation printing company, in a bid to establish itself as a major player in the custom cards marketplace.
Few famous companies in different countries are developing Online Product Designer Tools and Online Design Software. Precision Printing is a web-to-print company that enables customers to create their own personalized greeting cards, invitations and thank-you notes. They pride themselves on offering a rapid turnaround – orders for custom products placed before noon can be delivered to the customer the next working day.

Online Design Software to design custom greetings  cards

Online Design Software to design custom greetings cards

Papier has invested around £2.75 million in new printing equipment over the last few months. They use HP Indigo Presses, and print on 324gsm uncoated paper for standard invitations, and 650gsm for premium invitations. They believe that they stand out against other, established companies because their “higher quality” products are vastly different to those offered at lower price points by companies such as Funky Pigeon and Moonpig.

A Massive Market for personalized cards online design

Online Design Software uses for many online design tools, to design wearing, t-shirts, cards, booklet printing and even 2D printing. The market for personalized cards and invitations is massive. Moonpig makes around twelve million cards per year, and they account for just five percent of the market. There is room for a company such as Papier in the premium niche, and the partnership is one of the only companies that is led from a design perspective. They are, in particular, targeting those who are looking to send a more thoughtful message – something that has a personal touch.
Today, email is the primary means of communication, and receiving a tactile letter or invitation is special. If that invitation can be sent in a personal form, and is high quality enough that it is worth keeping as a souvenir, then it becomes not just a practical tool to fill a need, but also a desirable premium product.
Precision Printing’s products are made in relatively large quantities, but they have a premium, handmade feel to them. The most premium ranges include thermography as well as engraving. They will be offering their fine printing range via the Mount Street Printers, which is based in the suitably high-end Mayfair area of London.
Papier is a relatively small company, with just six staff. The company is backed by some high profile investors, including Charles Tyrwhitt founder Nicholas Wheeler.