If you have not heard of uptime in web hosting…

If you have not heard of uptime in web hosting, it is time that you did as it is very vital to the success of your online presence.

What is uptime all about?

Uptime is defined as the time when the website is online and it is running and can be seen by people who search for it, that’s especially important for Magento ecommerce. In web hosting, there are 2 kinds of uptime. One of these goes by the term Network Uptime and the 2nd one is referred to as Server Uptime.
Uptime of any website is based on the network availability. The network is almost always based in data centers that have extremely powerful internet connectivity. As a result of this it is thus possible to provide a network that has stability and in this way it becomes possible to thus ensure that the websites are up and running in perfect order.

Uptime in web hosting and the 2 server types

It is known as network uptime when the servers are housed inside the data center. When it is referred to as server uptime, the servers can be found outside of the data center. These factors are also important as they would go to determine whether or not your website will function properly.
The standard uptime that is provided by reputed web hosting companies in the industry today is taken as 99.9%. But, to have your website in uptime at all times, these companies are going to charge you extra, but you will find that this is definitely worth your while.

Easy to find

It is very easy to get a good hosting company that will provide you with 99.9%. But whether they are genuinely giving you this uptime, you would have to buy their service to find out. Not to worry though as most of the reputed hosting companies will offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.
So if you are not happy with their uptime in web hosting, you can always ask for your money back.

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