Custom Printing for Walls and Interiors

When most people think of custom products, they think of T-Shirts, coasters, bags and other small promotional items, but there’s a whole world of other online printing solutions or devices and product design tools out there, which mean that you can enjoy custom products on a much grander scale.
One great example of this is the Printtex Mobile Wall Printer. This innovative printer will transfer digital images onto walls, using technology similar to that of an inkjet printer, with sensors to ensure that the correct part of the wall is printed on.
The Printex Printer is controlled using software which can run on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The user loads their desired design into the software, calibrates the printer and then sets it off. The printer will print out each color tone individually, and relies on sensors on the edge of the device to ensure that the printout is accurate and neat.

Custom Printing for Walls and Interiors

Custom Printing for Walls and Interiors

Award Winning Design

This new printing technology showcases some of the most interesting advances and innovations in the world of inkjet printing, and is an example of some innovative and intelligent use of inkjet technology. It essentially turns your wall into a sheet of paper, and you can print any image – something you have created yourself, or an image someone made for you – or even a photograph you have taken – onto that giant canvass.
Given that the only alternatives right now for people who want to have large prints on their walls is to purchase a canvass or to mess with stencils and paint-brushes, this new, easy-to-use printing app is going to be a massive boon to creative homeowners.
Today’s consumers have more power than ever before. The idea of “If you can dream it, you can make it” no longer applies to just building blocks, it is something that applies to every product that you can possibly imagine.

The Copyright Question

As personal printing tools become more commonplace, we are likely to see a lot of issues regarding copyright. In theory, people could print anything on their walls, even images designed by someone else. The legality and morality of this is something that will likely get a lot of attention of the next few years, as content creators look to find ways to manage ever-evolving technology.

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