How Pressd Is Redefining Screen Printing

You might think that screen printing is something that is quite a mature technology, like custom design tool software, and there’s not a lot that could be done to change and improve it. Certainly, the basic idea of screen printing has been around for a long time, but two young entrepreneurs from Chicago believe that they can, and will, change the screen printing business for the better.

Pressd Screen Printing

Pressd Screen Printing

The pair have a lot of experience with screen printing. Nick Rizza is just 24 years old, and Bryan Neubauer is 25 years old, but together they have been working in the screen printing industry for a combined 15 years. They put their heads together and have come up with a new technology that will use water based inks, instead of the standard plastisol ink or direct-to-garmet style printing. They will work with products made in America, and they have committed to printing using a one-for-one model so that they can ensure maximum competitiveness.
Their goal is not to be the cheapest custom printing company in the world, or even the fastest – but they do want to make sure that they offer the best value for money.

A Saturated Market

The world of custom t-shirt printing is near-saturated. With low-end companies such as Café Press at one end, then custom sublimation printing companies at the other. Pressd wants to offer something in between, giving consumers the opportunity to submit their designs and get them printed at high quality so that it will not crack, fade or peel. They want to position themselves as an ethical and affordable company, and reach the segment of the market that wants small batches of products printed at an affordable price.
Their service will be ideal for small teams, stag and hen dos and other smaller groups that are interested in getting T-shirts and other apparel printed with their logos. The pair launched a kickstarter campaign for their technology recently, with a very modest goal of just $10,000. It will be interesting to see how far they can take that cash, and whether they really will make an impact in the world of printing.

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