How Consumers Are Becoming More Empowered

The last few years have seen some massive changes in the way that consumers engage with the companies that supply them. Today, consumers have unprecedented access to their favorite brands, and can express concerns, ask questions, and request changes to products easier than ever before. However, this is not enough for many consumers. They crave the chance to make their own mark on the products that they use, and variety of online product designer tools are giving this possibility now.

You Are The Maker

Changing, extending and modifying products has been a part of video game culture for a long time, and today it is now something that has extended to other niches as well. There are many companies that offer custom T-Shirt printing and will print other products such as bags, coasters, mugs or caps, and integration of the design software. However, the world of custom product designers is about to get even bigger. Right now everyone can be even booklets publisher using online designer tool for that.

The 3D Printing Revolution

Online Designer for Wearable 3D Printed Shoes

Online Designer for Wearable 3D Printed Shoes (Strvct – Wikimedia)

With 3D printing, anyone can make almost anything that they can imagine – as long as they’re happy for it to be made out of plastic. From 3D printed shoes and jewelry to printed toys, mugs, plates and phone cases, anything that you can describe in a CAD program can be made a reality.
Currently, if someone wants to get a product 3D printed, their options are quite limited – they either need to own a 3D printer themselves, or use one of the ones that is offered at a local Maker Space or similar facility. However, this is changing. A growing number of companies are now offering 3D printing services online, where consumers can use browser-based tools to create the products that they want to buy. This means that every consumer is a fashion designer or inventor – creativity is back in their hands.
To prevent scenarios where consumers buy a product that doesn’t quite work out the way they wanted it to, a lot of companies are offering limited printing services where the designs are based off templates. This is a good starting point, but it is likely that consumers will get more freedom as the quality and usability of custom product design tools improves over time.

A Look at Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when Magento developers could safely assume that users would be accessing their sites from the comfort of their own homes on a PC with a keyboard, mouse and high resolution screen. Today, users are just as likely to be shopping online while walking around a physical store – spotting a product that catches their eye and then purchasing it online at a discount.
If you want to make sure that you capture those web savvy impulse buyers, you need to make sure that your site has proper programming and files structure and runs well on any device. This means designing a site that can handle different scree sizes, orientations and platforms gracefully.

The Responsive Paradigm

Responsive web design involves programming and designing and developing a website using CSS to create flexible grids and layouts, and serving different images to different platforms. A user on an iPad should see a different layout to a user on a Blackberry, and someone on a PC should see more rich media than someone on a small-screened, low power smartphone.
The idea behind responsive web design is that instead of having several different site designs targeting different devices, you create a single design that is flexible and, as the name suggests, responsive – it automatically serves up different content, and the CSS rearranges the elements on the screen to match what the viewer is using. When done right, this paradigm eliminated the need for multiple design and testing phases.

The Elements of Responsive Design

Creating a responsive design is simple. Use fluid grids and fluid images to create a layout that scales to match the screen size. Use smart markup to ensure that the layout flows correctly. In addition, define viewpoints to prevent mobile devices such as the iPhone from trying to over-ride your layout and use screen resizing when it is unnecessary.
If you incorporate these elements into your next theme design, you will have a responsive, attractive and easy to use site design.

Why is a blog a good website platform is a question asked by many?

Why is a blog a good website platform is a question asked by many people, like Magento programmers, who want to blog.

There are many reasons

A blog is a great way of creating websites that are extremely viable. But at the same time they are also great at conveying information. A great way of making a blog popular is by linking it to various other websites of the same category, by writing relevant articles and also by getting it linked to Hub Pages.
When you do at least all of the above, you can thus rest assured that the content that you post on your blog will be relevant and it is related to solutions that other people are seeking. So if you have a blog on a particular subject and you keep posting relevant content to it, you can be sure that people looking for that kind of stuff are going to keep coming back to your blog.

Many reasons why a blog is a good website platform

People on the lookout for solutions that you offer on the subject that you are blogging on, will find your blog and keep coming back to it, if you have good information on it.
Another big advantage of blogging is that you do not need to know some kind of advanced programming in order to be able to have a great blog. All you have to do is just write your post and then enter it on your blog in the same way in which you will write can email and send it – as simple as that.

So much that can be done

With a blog you have the ability to get comments from readers and these would add to the impact of your blog. Also, you can keep adding frequent updates to your blog, all you have to do to do this is just change the posting date on your blog.
Yet another big plus of having a website platform as a blog is that blogs are great for getting an increase in the “view-ability” on the major search engines – making them very easy for people to find.

Is there such a thing as free webhostings or is it just a rumor?

Is there such a thing as free web hostings or is it just a rumor with no truth to it?

Does such a thing really exist?

The truth is that there are so many companies that let you host your Magento support website – without you having to pay anything for it – yes it is free. But as the saying goes – there is no such thing as a free meal – such a concept just does not exist, especially in today’s world.
This is because though these service providers may give you what can be considered to be as a free service to host your website, they are going to cost you – more than what you would pay by way of actually paying for a hosting for your website or blog.

Is free webhostings really free?

Not really, though you may get a hosting for your website free, these service providers are going to cost you by way of poor service or no service at all, it will take a lot of time for you to get your work done, there are going to be many hosting limitations for you, you will also be forced to modify your site to meet the free specifications that you have got.
But there is more, as these providers are giving you something for free, they expect something from you in return. And so they will make you put their banners and their pop-ups and all other kinds of ads on your website or blog.

Look at the fine print

If you search on any search engine you will be able to find that there are many companies that offer free-web hosting. But, before you jump to take this kind of a service, make sure of all the facts. Because there is always something hidden with this offer – like having to pay for a domain name at a much higher price than it actually costs.
Thus if you are considering free web hostings, ask yourself this question, is it really free?

Getting a Web Host is an essential requirement for anyone

Getting a Web Host is an essential requirement for anyone who knows what does Magento extension development mean and everyone wanting a blog or website of their own.

A basic must for sure

If you need a blog or a website, whether you are a business owner or whether you want to have a personal website, you cannot do without hosting services. And for that matter it is not just about getting a hosting provider – you need to get a provider of repute – one that is established and has been around for quite some time.
A service that provides hosting for the web will allow a company or a professional or just about any individual to have their presence on the World Wide Web.

The role played by a Web Host

Such companies are those that provide individuals and companies with space as well as connectivity to host their blog or website. For this service that it provides, the company will charge a fee to the organization or individual that takes their services. This fee will differ from company to company.
To get the best rate for a hosting service, it is best to do some research online and check out the various rates that are being charged by different hosting companies. There are some companies that charge too much and there are some that charge too little. In fact there are even some companies that provide a free hosting service.

How do you know which is the right plan for you?

Should you go for a free hosting service? Not really, if you want a professional blog or site, a free hosting service is not the right choice. So how do you know how much to pay? If the company has the highest rate is it the best? If it has the lowest rate is it the worst?
Bear in mind just because it is the cheapest rate, it does not mean the best, the same is with the highest price. It is best to compare rates and find out about the reputation of the company before deciding which Web Host is the best.

Reliability and up-timing hosting are indispensible

Reliability and up-timing hosting are indispensable when one is looking at building a professional website or blog.

Why reliability is a must

Whether you are an individual, a professional or a big conglomerate or a small biz owner wanting to create your own website or blog, it is important that you opt only for a hosting service that is reliable. Just having a website or working on web site development that looks good is not enough in today’s highly competitive internet market where there are thousands of websites fighting for attention.
To succeed on the internet it is very important to get a web host that you can rely upon. Just imagine this – you have a biz online and the website that you owned was to go offline for even 48 hours. Can you imagine how much money you stand to lose in this time period?

And this is just why you need Reliability and up-timing hosting

You could have a situation where there is a customer or more than just one customer, about to make purchases from your website and all of a sudden your web host begins to have problems and the server crashes.
Your customer is gone – moving on to another site. Worse still, it is hardly likely that the customer will come back as he or she will thus believe that you have a bad site – one that cannot be trusted and thus not worthy of buying from.

Best that you get an uptime guarantee

Understanding the needs to have your website up and functioning at all times, there are many hosting companies that now provide customers with an uptime guarantee. In fact hosting companies now offer all kinds of guarantees to potential and existing clients, in order to keep them happy.
An up-time guarantee can be anywhere in the range of 99% to 99.99%. Hosting providers use web programming to increase their servers ability and to improve using their computers memory. And this is really important for you as in this way you would have your website up and running all the time. So, never forget to take reliability and up-timing hosting into consideration when you want to get your own blog or website.