Building a good site can increase leads

Websites are supposed to be the online equivalent of the actual business. So it’s very important for the site to look similar to the actual store location if there is one. Target for instance has a red layout with a million bulls eye’s on their site just as they do in the store. Best Buy has a blue and yellow layout with their “Best Buy” logo plastered throughout the site just as they do in the store.

It’s important for loyal customers to see something they’re already familiar with. It’s also important for new customers to get acquainted with your theme. This familiarity will be a part of the relationship you’re hoping to build with the potential customer for years to come. Even when you’re business isn’t present, something as simple as seeing the two colors (for example) will remind them of your business instead of the one they’re actually looking at. To this day I think anyone wearing khaki pants and a red shirt works for Target.

Advice from top web design companies in London gave us expert advice in creating a comfortable website environment for viewers to browse and lounge for long periods of time because they don’t know countless hours and sleepless nights have been put into the lavender background jazz music that makes them feel so calm. To web design experts, attention to detail is crucial and critical. Though it isn’t necessary to hire a web design expert to attain this kind of perfection, it is important to follow them on social media for free tips.

Let’s focus on what makes a website design poor. Loud, fast passed music for instance may not be the way to go if your business is selling mattresses or some other sleep easy product. Staying with a calmer, neutral sound (possibly even white noise) would be the best idea. Not being able to find contact information is something many viewers find very frustrating. Even if the website isn’t very attractive, you may be the only business they can find that sells chocolate body jewelry. Providing an easy to find “contact us” page will give the viewer the chance to call or email with additional questions that they don’t see in the “faqs” page.

A faqs page is solely dedicated to the most popular questions viewers ask and your answers, to troubleshoot any issues the viewer may be able to solve on their own before trying to contact you. These two pages are vital to easy navigation which is the overall goal of having a functional website. Having a functional website increases leads. An interactive website is even better; polls and quizzes are a good way to involve viewers with your business and other viewers (by seeing poll results).

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