Why is a blog a good website platform is a question asked by many?

Why is a blog a good website platform is a question asked by many people, like Magento programmers, who want to blog.

There are many reasons

A blog is a great way of creating websites that are extremely viable. But at the same time they are also great at conveying information. A great way of making a blog popular is by linking it to various other websites of the same category, by writing relevant articles and also by getting it linked to Hub Pages.
When you do at least all of the above, you can thus rest assured that the content that you post on your blog will be relevant and it is related to solutions that other people are seeking. So if you have a blog on a particular subject and you keep posting relevant content to it, you can be sure that people looking for that kind of stuff are going to keep coming back to your blog.

Many reasons why a blog is a good website platform

People on the lookout for solutions that you offer on the subject that you are blogging on, will find your blog and keep coming back to it, if you have good information on it.
Another big advantage of blogging is that you do not need to know some kind of advanced programming in order to be able to have a great blog. All you have to do is just write your post and then enter it on your blog in the same way in which you will write can email and send it – as simple as that.

So much that can be done

With a blog you have the ability to get comments from readers and these would add to the impact of your blog. Also, you can keep adding frequent updates to your blog, all you have to do to do this is just change the posting date on your blog.
Yet another big plus of having a website platform as a blog is that blogs are great for getting an increase in the “view-ability” on the major search engines – making them very easy for people to find.